ADHD: A Psyciatric Illness

First and foremost we have to come to terms with the fact that because we don't have a blood test, and because it's hard to see, Why someone may have a psychiatric illness vs not having a psychiatric illness. We are not as understanding about it. If someone is in a wheelchair, or bleeding, or disfigured, while we might shun them, we certainly have some kind of sympathy for them.

Yet when we see a little kid who is bouncing all over the supermarket, and the mother seems complete hurried and can't seem to be able to get control of her, somehow it must be her poor management skills that is causing this child to do poorly. Or it's something the child is eating or something the child has experienced.

Unfortunately, the public is always very behind the real science. For instance, Zigmon and Anna Frued believed almost all psychiatric illness was caused by something your mom and dad did. whether they did it on purpose or not didn't make a difference.

Somehow there was a traumatic event that changed the trajectory for your lives, and therefore you needed a therapeutic experience that you can get unconsciously with you psychoanalyst and could take a very long period of time and Those symptoms would disappear. It didn't make a difference where those symptoms were inattention, hyperactivity, sadness, irritability, anxiety or worry.

The public still believes very much that these are not as real and unfortunately they haven't grasped the fact that these are no fault brain disorders with very strong genetic influences. How do we know that they are genetic? There is lots of evidence.

If I have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and I have a twin brother who is identical. This means we share every genetic material, There is a 99% chance that he will have ADHD. If I have a fraternal twin brother, we share the same genetic material as any set of siblings, if I have ADHD, he has about a 70% chance of having ADHD. Ideally there is a very strong genetic component. The other way we look at it is adoption studies. If I have ADHD and i product a child that is put up for adoption, that child will have the same risk of ADHD whether he grew up in my house or not.

We know that genetic influences affect whether or not you get these illnesses and these genetic influenced will affect whether or not brain structure and will affect brain functioning and therefore put you at risk for a psychiatric illness.

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Author:ADHD Me
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